September 28, 2015

We kicked off the week by going to Marija's, the 6 year old daughter of the family we've been teaching, birthday. I gotta say it was one of the funniest (and only) birthdays I've been to lately. We did a little lesson on faith for them, trying to be a kind of magician. We took a tea bag, emptied hit, and placed it standing on the parent's hand. We whipped out a lighter and told them no matter what, do not move the hand. We lit the tea bag ablaze, and it started burning down to the open hand. But at the last moment, it flew into the air before it burnt the hand, even though it got pretty hot. It connects with faith, and how we have to keep the faith strong and unbreakable, or else we can get burned. All of the little kids and adults loved it loved it, asking us to do it again and again.
[The science: gravity keeps the empty tea bag down until the heated air convecting upward overcomes gravity and you have lift off!]

We got a baptismal font set up, largely in thanks to the Nelsons! We're totally done with Hotel Arka now. We also got some paintings, so our church will look more like a church and not a house.
The new missionaries got delayed, so apparently they're getting here on the 9th now. They've got a total of 12 weeks in the MTC...that's pretty legendary. We had to find a new apartment with all the new missionaries coming, so we got that found this week. You're welcome, new missionaries. 

The Winter Is Coming. It's been getting a whole lot colder lately. The last winter almost killed me, I don't know if I can survive it again.

This week is transfers for the rest of the mission, and we thought we would be unaffected since it's just 1 companionship of sisters, and 1 companionship of elders, but we got the call nonetheless, and it turns out Elder Lesi is going to be training in Albania! It was a pretty big surprise, but he's going to kill it. It'll be weird for him though, he'll only be 30 minutes from his hometown in Durres. We're not sure how to go forward with one of our investigators Elder Lesi was teaching, because the investigator doesn't know Macedonian...but there will be a way!
Love you all! Elder Rigby