October 5, 2015

It was a bit of a frustrating week this week, but those are the ones that teach us the most! I gotta say, the two character traits the mission teaches you more than anything is patience and humility. Being on a mission is good shining a light on every weakness you've got, for all to see, and then some! But I'm so thankful for it, because it's helped me to grow so much! I love how God knows me to personally, and for the love that he manifests to me every week, showing me how to show that same love to other people.

The Nelsons got a phone call from a representative of the church who is here in Macedonia to help with the refugee situation. She asked if our branch could help to assemble kits for the Syrian refugee children traveling through Macedonia. So on Saturday we had a branch service activity at a hotel putting together various things (markers, pen, notebook, modeling clay, and some stickers) in the kits! We had four members show up, the Nelsons and us four missionaries. We also removed the packaging on about 500 small flashlights and put batteries in them. We were told that when these refugees get off the train at night it is very dark and they have a bit of a wait before the next train takes them further on their journey and flashlights would make that easier on the children. It was really fun doing everything.

The lady that organized it is from the church, so she came yesterday to church, and talked about how the staff workers were asking her why so many people just came and helped so willingly; she said that gave her an angle to share the gospel. There was an American couple visiting there on Sunday as well, and I had to translate for the husband! It went pretty well, and I was happy I was able to do that in church! They had lunch with us at the Nelsons after church, and they carried the light of Christ so much in their eyes. One of their bags got lost at the airport, so they were without any change of clothes, but they were just charging forward. They came to Macedonia to show doctors here how to perform an eye surgery, and all they care about it helping the people here with that. It was amazing to be around them for those few hours.

We got to see a bit of conference! That was the first time I remember new apostles being called.  I really liked Elder Lawrence’s and Pres. Eyring's talks on the Holy Ghost. It answered a lot of questions for me, and I felt the spirit so many times while they were speaking. They sure put quite the focus on the Sabbath Day, I think every talk I saw dealt with that! Be more reverent in sacrament meeting guys!

Nothing too new besides all that. We'll meet the four new missionaries in Pristina on Friday at Zone Training. Love you all!
Elder Rigby