October 12, 2015

So the new missionaries finally got here this week; it took them 5 days so they were beat but excited. We picked them up at Zone Training on Friday, they traveled through Albania and Kosovo to get here. We went to the police station that night to do legal work, and then I went contacting with Elder Dibble, who turned out to be my companion! He's a stud so far, it seems like all of them are! They had 12 weeks in the MTC, and Macedonian apparently got banned hardcore for them, so they only know straight Bulgarian.

We continued with the service project preparing items to give to the Syrians refugees this week. We got a lot of members, and one night a lot of Muslims came, so I had two Muslims ladies by my sides wearing the head shawl and everything. It's cool having everyone come together to help other people!

President Weimann did trainings for us on Saturday. The APs took the new ones up to the dedicatory site, and we got some wise words from president. On Sunday, the Weidmanns spoke, and there was a guy there from the church language department. President Weidmann talked to him, and now we just have to send in a wishlist of materials we want translated, and the guy promised to do at least a few! And he said by next general conference, there will be a Macedonian version. THIS IS HUGE! We're finally getting translations. Then we did our usual lunch at the Nelsons. I have to say, President Weidmann has gotten a lot funnier as time as gone on as being mission president! 

Today is yet another holiday of Macedonia, celebrating the liberation of Macedonia. I think. There's so many holidays here, I get them all confused.

Love you all! Especially you family.
Elder Rigby