September 7, 2015

Back to the trio life! On Tuesday, we took off to Tirana to drop off Elder Gierisch and Prince there. It was really weird saying bye to them, partly because I knew them both really well and Elder Prince was my trainer, and partly because that means that we're going to have to figure out how to run a lot of things here that they formerly took responsibility for. It’s me, Elder Chingas, and Elder Lesi.

The trip there we didn't run into any problems, which was a miracle, but on the way back, it took us a bit longer, but still had miracles! Someone forgot their passport in another car, and he/she (she) remembered right when we were about to get out of Tirana. Then we had to fill up the car in Albania, which uses the Leke currency, which we didn't have any of, so we just figured we could pay via credit card. We filled up all the way, went to pay, and all of our cards got rejected one by one. They were not taking our Denar, which we use in Macedonia, but luckily Sister Hassell had Euro, which luckily they accepted, and we were on our merry little way. So many things could have gone wrong there that would've held us up for an extra day, but it all worked out in the end!

In terms of investigators, we absorbed an area since we only have 3 elders now in the country, so we've been busy trying to get to all of them. A lot of them are Albanian since Elder Lesi (the Albanian) is with us now, which makes me feel like I'm back in Durres. We gave a church tour to a guy named Zoki, who we met during a branch activity playing Frisbee. He was so happy to find someone else who likes Frisbee, since no one plays in Macedonia. We found out he likes ping pong also, so we invited him to come, played for a while (he killed me and Elder Chingas) and then showed him around the church. We don't get to do those too often since our church is way out there so we have a hard time getting investigators to come to church, but it was an awesome thing to finally get to do! He was shocked that there weren't any icons or candles anywhere in the building, so hopefully he can get over that sometime soon.
For the zone training this week, it was about living the higher law, in reference to missionary work. It's easy to be a missionary but it's hard to always work hard as a missionary. I like it a lot, and it made me do some serious self-reflection of what I can do to fulfill my calling better!

Sasho hasn't been doing too good health wise. He's got diabetes, which makes it so his limbs slowly die, and in the long term, fall off. When Elder Chingas got back, I told him about it, and he asked whether we gave him a blessing or not. Totally skipped my on Sunday, I had the opportunity to give my first blessing in Macedonian! The words just flew right out of my mouth, it was unreal. Hopefully now he'll be able to start recovering better!

On Wednesday, the sisters brought some Chinese guys to Family Home Evening for some ping pong. They're working for a telephone company here for a few months, and then they head back. They enjoyed it, so they invited us all over for dinner on Saturday. We got there, and there were plates on plates of straight from China Chinese food! It was probably the most delicious thing I've had on my mission so far. I told them I was born in Hong Kong, and they all started freaking out, it was really funny. They taught us some Chinese, and then we talked about religion and the Book of Mormon with them. None of them religious at all, so they had a ton of questions and were super interested! It was a night that was probably a highlight of my mission, being with my Chinese brethren.
Elder Rigby