September 14, 2015

We got a family to church! I thought for this week I'd talk a little bit more about our investigators since I haven't really talked about them too much lately. 

This week we started with a lot of lessons set up with potential investigators, but every single one except for one didn't show up, so that was a frustrating start to the week. But then on Tuesday, we had an appointment set up with family that we met in the city center who were gone for about a month, but said when they came back, we could come over. So we gave them a call, set up a time, and went over. It was one of the best lessons I've had on my mission. The husband was gone for the first half of it, but the wife was extremely interested, and very humbly listened to our message. The husband was pretty interested too, but as he was walking us back to the center, he told us that he wouldn't be baptized again, which we took as kind of a challenge. Anyways, we have visited Bojan and Prosina (their names) two more times this week, and they're really loving the Book of Mormon, which is so key. It's amazing to see such humble people, and to see their joy as the spirit testifies to them. They even came to church this week, even though it's about an hour of travel from their house with two kids!

That's our main group of investigators right now, but we've also got a Methodist guy named Stefan. He likes coming to church, but he just goes off every time we go over to his house about how Jesus and God are one and the same. He's 85, and he still rides his bike over hills for 7-8 kilometers round trip to go to church – that guy is in such good shape. He also told us that Boris Trajkovski, one of the former presidents of Macedonia, would go to his house often and Boris saw Stefan as his spiritual father, which is pretty crazy. We teach a guy named Kujtim, who is Albanian, and believes in the Qu'ran, Bible, and Book of Mormon are all the word of God, so we're working with him on the Qu'ran part right now. I think that's all the ones I haven't talked about. We have a lot of first lessons with people from contacting, but oft times we never see them again.

After we gave the blessing to Sasho last week and fasted for him this week, he looked as good as I've ever seen him on Sunday! He was so happy to be able to move again without pain, and it really strengthened my testimony on both principles.

On Saturday, we had a branch activity hiking up Vodno Mountain. Early into the hike, somebody starting yelling at us, and it turned out to be Bojan, our new investigator. He said he was exercising, and he just decided to join us on our hike. I gotta say, it's crazy how many coincidences happen every's almost like God has a plan for us. We had a discussion at the midpoint about how God is evident through nature, and all the other creations around us. It was a good day!

I love you all, and I hope you had a good Labor Day! Chao
Elder Rigby