September 21, 2015

Dropping Nukes in the Heads of the Macedonian People about Jesus

We were street contacting on Friday night on the Stone Bridge. It was going fairly unsuccessfully until an Albanian dude stopped for Elder Lesi, He agreed to have a bench lesson, and Elder Lesi started going to town on him in Albanian about the Restoration. At first, the guy seemed extremely immature, shouting to everyone passing by that he was with Americans, and checking out every girl nearby. Elder Chingas and I looked over about 10 minutes after we had sat down, and the guy literally had his jaw dropped, eyes fixed on Elder Lesi, anxious for every next word. They talked for a while longer; the guy looked like he had his mind blown the entire time. The lesson ended with a prayer, and the guy just walked away, completely dazed and disoriented. I'd never seen anything to that extreme, but it was so cool to see! He came to church on Sunday, and he just looked so happy, and started giving everyone hugs. It's amazing to see how everyone needs the gospel, even those who seem like that's the last thing they want.

Our family came to church again, minus the mom, because she had to get ready for the daughter's, Maria, birthday. I was upstairs with the kids for Sunday School since we don't really have any kind of Primary, and I asked Maria who her favorite singer is. She replied Frozen, which I think was the funniest/cutest thing I'd ever heard over here. The family is still progressing well, but Prosina, the mom, is afraid of baptism because of the commitment it represents, and Bojan, the dad, feels like his previous baptism was valid, so we're working to get past that right now! They are such amazing people though, they're so kind and humble.

Also on Sunday, we helped a guy move his couch from the lady he bought it from… to his new apartment. It sounded pretty simple, until we found out he lives on the 7th floor of his building! The guy totally used us and some other people to get the couch, but no matter what, it always feels good doing service for people!

The new missionaries should be coming next week, so that'll shake things up quite a bit!

Love you all, have a great week!
Elder Rigby