March 31, 2015

Happy Week of Easter! Elder Krajnc is out of here! He's going up to Kosovo to teach Elder Lessi Macedonian. Elder Lessi has been doing great in his English there, we're excited for him to come here in about a month! I'm gonna miss Elder Krajnc though, it's been fun being with him and his silly, slovenian-self. Hopefully he'll get to come back down here before he leaves, but he only has a month left of his mission! Elder Gierisch is coming back from Kosovo to be my new companion.

This week the Zone Leaders came down and did an exchange with all of us. I was with Elder Jorgensen for the day. We had some lessons set up for that day, and it was pretty daunting having to be the only one teaching since Elder Jorgensen doesn't know Macedonian. They went over pretty well; I could understand everything they said, and I was able to say everything that I wanted to. I was praying for help to get through it smoothly, and I got it! Elder Jorgensen bore his testimony at the end of both, which made my first time translating into Macedonian. It definitely wasn't exact, but it felt really cool to be able to translate for someone to a native!

For a culture note, here, you take off your shoes when entering homes, like in a lot of places. We were at Zoki's apartment one time for language class, when Sister Schofield was laying on the ground. Somebody stepped over her, and Zoki started freaking out. Apparently stepping over somebody else is one of the worst insults here. 

It was Daylight's Saving yesterday. We moved forward an hour, and Elder Prince and Elder Chingas didn't know about it. We were at church, waiting for Elder Prince to show up since he had a talk to give. 15 minutes went by, it was time for his talk, and he was still nowhere to be seen. Elder Krajnc called them, and they said they totally forgot about the time change.  President Swineford called on Sister Riddle to give a testimony, and then when he found out that they were going to be an hour late. Pres Swineford, being a beast, improvised a talk on the spot about sacrifice.  Just when sacrament meeting ended, Elder Prince and Chingas came, not the happiest I've seen them about the whole situation. 

It's almost Easter!! Go check out to see a great message about Jesus Christ and all he's done for us! In my life, I've felt a lot of comfort from all he's done for me. No matter how many times I mess up, I know I can always be better and be forgiven of it because of his sacrifice. Please watch and share it for Easter!
Elder Rigby