March 23, 2015

Maybe we won't be getting a building...  So it turns out I got some wrong information, and the building isn't for sure yet. The church still has to sign it first, and they've been waiting awhile to do so. It still looks pretty likely, but everyday it's more and more unlikely that we'll be getting it, so we're hoping for news about it sooner rather than later! We are having beautiful weather:
There's one really cool experience we had this week I want to highlight! We had a lesson with a woman named Lidija, and we felt like we should teach her about the Plan of Salvation. In the lesson, she pulled the classic Macedonian behavior and dominated the whole lesson, so we couldn't share much of anything. Unlike a lot of people though, it was all pretty pertinent stuff about her life that is very useful to know now. Anyways, Elder Krajnc and I were a bit disappointed with how the lesson turned out. We tried to set up a return appointment, but she said she was really busy the rest of the week. We were having high hopes for her because she's the nicest lady, but after that, they were dimmed a bit.

The next day, we were walking to go contacting by a government building, which we never do, considering the government is not too fond of us, but we decided to try it out. As we were crossing the street to get to there, we heard our names being called. We looking behind us, and it was Lidija! She said she has to run to work right now, but something fell through, so she would have some time to talk in 15 minutes. We felt to go with the Plan of Salvation again, and this time she was ready to listen to the whole thing! And she was super accepting of it! It was easily one of the best lessons I've had while I've been out here, the spirit was testifying hard. She was getting choked up with emotion. It's awesome to see how these simple gospel principles can bring so much happiness to some people when they find out about it!

We took a trip down to Tetovo to teach a referral, Oliverra from Church HQ. We met with her a couple weeks ago when she was in Skopje, and she seemed really interested. She found out about us from her friend who is a member in Texas. Her friend said she has to meet with the missionaries, so Olivera agreed to it! We met in a smoke filled cafe that was really loud, which makes it difficult to have good lesson. We hit reading the Book of Mormon hard in our first lesson, and it turned out she was almost 100 pages in! She talked about how much it's already helped her life, and how calm she feels when she reads it. We promised some blessings for her if she would read it, and after being unemployed for a really long time, she found a job that week! Awesome miracles :) She brought along her sister too, and Olivera was telling her about how awesome all this stuff is and how great the Book of Mormon is.

Elder Gierisch should be coming back from Kosovo for good next week, and hopefully Elder Lessi soon after that. That's all I got. Have a great week!
Elder Rigby