March 16, 2015

Blessings on Blessings!

Quite a few people have been getting sick this past week, which has provided us some chances so see some miracles! Elmaz almost got pneumonia, and he was in the hospital for about a week. We finally got the chance to visit him, and he asked us for a blessing. He was supposed the leave the hospital the next day, but before that he started doing a bit worse again, so they pushed the date back. After the blessing, he felt completely better and ended up leaving the next day! Which was a real miracle, because from the looks of that hospital, it probably did more harm than good. Then one of the sister's investigators was recovering from surgery, so we went over to her and gave her a blessing. Sister Davis, who has been visiting her son here, passed out in the mall. Brother Davis was really scared for her, and they called us to come over. She had been feeling ill for quite some time, and it was just getting worse and worse. The doctors had no idea what it was. A few days after the blessing, she started feeling a lot better, and she felt well enough to come to church yesterday, which was a huge surprise! The last one was Sister Swineford. First of all, they are such an amazing family. She fractured her ankle, and they called us over so we could take all of the church materials to church since they wouldn't be able to make it, and while we were there, she asked us to help with the blessing, which President Swineford gave. It's awesome getting to see the power of the priesthood everyday as missionaries :)

We were teaching a lesson to Prend, our most recent member, in a cafe this week. There was a woman there whom he knew. We were getting ready to leave, when Prend was not budging. He seemed like he did not want us to get up yet, so we stayed. The woman finished her drink and got up to leave. Prend called her over and said that he needs some translating help since she speaks English. She sat down with us, and immediately he started talking about the church to her. She showed us a video of her baby boy, and he said that he would love it if she brought him to church, because there's some other families there that he would get along with very well. Prend totally blew me away with that whole thing. That man is a genius.

We got a call from President Weidmann a few days ago informing us that Elder Prince would be returning on Sunday! We were scrambling trying to figure out how we could find some time to pick him up, but the next day we found out President Weidmann planned to drive him all the way down here. It was such a blessing! It's good to have Elder Prince back, and now it's just Elder Krajnc and I together until he goes back to Slovenia in May.

With us moving into the new building soon, we decided it would be a good idea to hand out our hundreds of cards that say we meet in Hotel Arka. I can't say how many hundred we ended up giving out, but we got one guy that came to church because of it! For him to go just because of a card he received, he must be really interested, so were exciting to meet up with him!