March 2, 2015

With Elder Gierisch in Kosovo and Elder Prince in Albania, it's Elder Krajnc, Chingas, and I left in Macedonia with the sisters. It's been weird not seeing other companionships around contacting people since it's just us. That also means the 3 areas got merged into one, so we've been a lot busier this week! But busy is good, because it means less hours on the streets and more time with people that actually want to meet up with you! So that's been nice.

The number of people we have at church at the hotel is usually somewhere in the 30s. I'm not sure what happened this week, but we only had 20, including the Swineford's baby. We had a lot of investigators this week tell us again that they would come to church the day before, but again, none of them showed up. It's getting frustrating! But with is being fast Sunday this week, I had the opportunity to bear my testimony, which always feels so good. I got a bit nervous so the Macedonian was pretty bad, but it's still coming along!

Here, there's a drink called боза (Boza) that everybody LOVES to drink. It's fermented wheat drink that is basically beer, but it's not alcoholic, even though it still has a pretty strong taste and smell. A lot of times when we have lessons in cafes, the people always get it and want us to get it too. I'm just starting to get used to it, but I always have to get it with a lot of fruit juice in it, or else it's just nasty.

Elder Chingas' mom sent him a couple tennis racquets with Sister Schofield's parents, so we went out and played for the first time on our missions! It felt so good :) Elder Chingas has been playing a good while longer than me, so he can beat me pretty easily, but it helps me play better so it's all good! We're looking forward to playing a lot for the next year and a half!

That's all I got! Have a splendid week 
Elder Rigby

Dad research: Boza is a traditional beverage made by yeast and lactic acid bacteria fermentation of millet, cooked maize, or wheat flour. It is rich in vitamins and carbohydrates. A nonalcoholic version became common in Baltic Muslim countries. In the Republic of Macedonia, Boza is much thinner and lighter, and tastes sweeter, compared to neighboring countries. Other lactic-acid fermented foods include yogurt, sourdough breads, sauerkraut, pickles, and kimchi. The presence of lactic acid is responsible for the sour taste. Boza-like fermented drinks date back to 8000 BCE.