April 6, 2015

Среќен Велиден (Happy Easter)
Elder Krajnc took off to Kosovo on Tuesday! He and Elder Prince drove up there, while Elder Chingas and I were together handling Skopje on our own. We had a lesson with a guy names Sasho on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We were using the pamphlet for it to help us teach, and even before he read anything, he already knew EVERYTHING. It was super cool. We asked him a few questions, and he literally took the words right out of our mouths of what we would say to answer it. He always talks about how good he feels whenever he meets with us, that all the problems in the world just seem to disappear. He's such a cool guy, it's a miracle to see someone to be that receptive to the Holy Ghost here. He's definitely a prepared one!

After the lesson, we contacted a bit and went in for dinner. We were there when the other Elders returned...with Elder Krajnc. It turned out there was a landslide that blocked the road, so after some calls to President Weidmann and some waiting, they decided it would be best to just try again the next day. We said goodbye to Elder Krajnc again the next day, and then Elder Prince came back with Elder Gierisch. Elders Gierisch and Prince are back in Macedonia for good, so either Elder Chingas or I will probably get moved out when Elder Lessi finally gets here!

We got some new posters and cards to contact with for the Because He Lives initiative, which has been helping a lot! And we were just about to run out of our cards, so the timing of it was perfect. We're excited to change our contacting up a bit!

We had a branch activity on Saturday and Sunday for conference this weekend. I still can't get over how good conference is as a missionary. We watched the morning sessions for both days live at 6 here. The big theme on the family was very apparent. It's cool to see that, since each speaker doesn't know what the other will speak about, how so often they are all related and tie in together perfectly. The Lord was trying to get a message across to us there! An investigator showed up who was partying before the conference, so he was pretty far gone for the whole thing. We were walking him to the bus afterwards, and he was talking about how today changed his life forever. It was pretty funny to see, but hopefully he'll remember something about it!

There's been no new news about the building getting signed, so the chances keep getting slimmer and slimmer of us getting one. But it'll come sometime in the future, so it's all good :)

That's it for this week. I hope all ya'll had a great Easter!! We get the double holiday again, with Orthodox Easter being on the 11th, so be jealous.
Elder Rigby