April 27, 2015

Did somebody say baptism?  We had a double baptism in Skopje this week!! WOOO HOOOO! Brother Swineford got the Hotel Arka pool for this past Saturday, which was the only thing we were waiting. Sasho was one, and the sisters had a really sweet older lady named Susannah. We were all pretty stressed for it, our members that were supposed to give talks had things come up last minute, so we had to cover for them.
Then we found out Elder Krajnc was coming back down in time for the baptism, so Elder Prince and Chingas had to go pick him up from Prishtina the morning of. They were bringing Sasho's baptismal suit, and they ran into some bad traffic on the way back. And their phone wasn't working...we were getting worried, but they still ended up making it back in time with our favorite Slovenian!

We started the service after changing and some pictures, and then headed up to the (freezing) pool! The best way to describe when Sasho and I got in the water is just unreal. It took me awhile after to realize that I actually baptized somebody! Sasho seemed to be on Cloud 9, saying he felt fantastic and clean. After Sasho's baptism, Elder Prince baptized Susannah, and then we finished up the baptismal service.
We went out with Sasho afterwards, when he got a call saying that he had to work Sunday morning. It's just about impossible to have a job here, so we're pretty lenient about working on the occasional Sunday. Sasho said he would talk to his boss, but he would probably have to miss church and getting confirmed tomorrow. He called us the next morning and let us know that he for sure wasn't coming :( But it's all good, we'll just take care of it next week!

The Swinefords are taking off to America and then Moscow this week. We're going to miss all of them a lot. I know I'm going to miss their two older kids always jumping on us, wanting us to be their personal battleships. Since they are gone, we're forced to move to the new building a bit early, even though we haven't gotten the decorations or furniture, so next week should be interesting! There should be a lot of standing going on, haha.
This week was President Arif's first week conducting a regular sacrament meeting, since last week we watched General Conference. He said that he was planning on having Elder Prince speak. We called Elder Prince Sunday morning about something else, and I asked him about his talk. He said that he wasn't giving a talk, called President Arif a minute later and found out he was giving a talk. It was a close call on that one! Luckily Elder Prince is a baller and already had a talk prepared, so he was good to go. We got to see Susannah get confirmed a member, which was super sweet!

Another golden moment of this week occurred when we were contacting on the stone bridge. A guy walks past us, turns, and exclaims in perfect English "Long Live Joseph Smith!" He said he was from Serbia, but that was all we could get from him. Elder Gierisch and I got a pretty good laugh from that. 

I am so glad to be a missionary right now. I get to help people live happier lives for a job. I know that this is God's work, and that he loves each one of us.
Love you all!,
Elder Rigby