April 20, 2015

Car Problems in Veles, Central Macedonia...  So we decided to try emailing at a different place today, mostly by force, because we're stuck in Veles. We had a problem with our oil tank while we took a trip down here, so now it's getting fixed as we speak. Sorry for no pictures, I didn't bring any of my stuff.

The Swinefords are out of here in a little more than a week. We're all going to miss that spectacular family, but they have adventures ahead in Moscow!

Sasho passed his baptismal interview, so he's good to go! It looks like we'll have a double baptism, because the Sisters have a lady also. We're all pretty stoked, since it's been about 6 months since we've had a baptism in Skopje. Sasho is such a cool guy, holy cow.

We've got to get going now, so that's all for now! Love you all

Elder Rigby