September 25, 2014

Hey all!

So I’ve officially been in the MTC for 6 weeks, so I should be out of here in 3 weeks if my visa comes in time. I got my call pretty late, so there's a good chance I could get postponed or even reassigned somewhere for a little bit.

The new Macedonians are here! Their names are Elder Chingas and Sister Hassell. I only got to meet the elder and he seems like a really great guy, which I'm very glad of considering he's going to be my companion multiple times.

We got another apostle this week, which is so crazy! Elder Ballard came this week, and he just gave practical advice on how we can improve ourselves as missionaries. He told us how valuable all our time is over the next two years, and we need to act like it. He stressed how important goal setting is for us, which is something I've struggled with while being here.

This week we got to start Skyping natives for our TRC time! We got to talk to a lady named Violeta, and going into it I thought I wasn't going to understand anything, but she spoke really slow for us so I got most of it. There were only two people for us to Skype, so Sister Thatcher joined us and we taught a pretty good lesson on prayer. Violeta knew a little bit of English, and every time she said something she would say "Understandiie?," which was pretty funny. The experience also made me realize how far I still have to go in Bulgarian. I decided I'm just going to learn as much Bulgarian as possible, and then the last few days really study up Macedonian. If I do both at the same time, it's just really, really confusing and makes me take a few steps back in Bulgarian. All in all, I am very pleased with my progress with the language. Ever since I really started praying for the gift of tongues I've noticed a big difference, which I don't think is a coincidence.

On Sunday, we got to watch the rededication of the Ogden temple. We got to hear from Elder Bednar, Elder Eyring, and President Monson. The best part of it was being able to hear the prophet pray, the closest man to God on earth talking to Him. He gave a really good talk about how we need to love the temple, appreciate the temple, and go to the temple. This past week I had some questions when going into the temple, and it really felt like I was receiving revelation from Heavenly Father about those questions.

I'm still loving my time here in the MTC. It has been a tremendous help to my testimony, and I've learned so much here so far, and still have so much to learn.

Elder Rigby

Top: Laundry, Hmmm which shirt to wear!?
Bottom: Make-up Elders preparing me for "The Jump"