September 4, 2014

There weren't as many highlights this week compared to the last few, but I'll try to talk about the interesting things!

Elder Raizor and I's lessons with some of our investigators (our teachers) have been getting better and better! They really emphasize teaching with the Spirit, and sometimes that requires taking a step back when we're really confused, which is pretty much every time the investigator talks. So we just speak about what we’re prompted to say.

I had the opportunity to host all the new missionaries yesterday, and during that time, I heard someone yell "RICHARD". I looked back and it was Elder Gilman!! There was another missionary hosting him, but I told him I would be hosting this missionary and took all of his bags. It was really crazy to see someone I knew.

I also got to see Elder Hunt at the last devotional. He saw me when I was on the big screen, and he managed to find where I was sitting! He's at the other MTC campus so the only time I'll see him is during devotionals.

And the last person I saw that I knew was Dominic, my cousin’s fiancee. Seeing all these people I know is strange after going 3 weeks without.

Macedonian has quite a few differences from Bulgarian, but hopefully I'll be able to get them down pretty quick! Life has been moving very fast here in the MTC. I'm out of time, so until next week! Here are some pictures of life here.

Elder Rigby

With my companion, Elder Raisor

Meditating outside the temple

My name badge in Bulgarian

Too much study on P-day

My dorm room (4 of us)


My District: (left to right)

Elder Raizor
Elder Taylor
Sister Thatcher
Elder Hardy
(they are all midgets)