September 18, 2014

To start things off, the MTC has caught the plague. Pretty much everyone here has gotten sick, and it's impossible to avoid. I got it Saturday, and had to take the night off because my head hurt so bad. I'm still not feeling totally better, but the headache is gone! Somehow Elder Raisor has managed to avoid it, he's gonna have to spill some secrets.

One of the elders in our zone went home on Tuesday. We all know each other well, so it was pretty devastating to us, especially his two companions. He was probably the funniest person here; he could make me laugh like no one else. 

Last week, there was an announcement about protocol if one of the Quorum of the 12 comes. Everyone got really excited, and then last week it was just a General Authority. This week, we heard that the devotional would be broadcast to all the MTCs, so we got pretty excited again. Then on Tuesday, we got word it was Elder Scott that was coming! Elder Raisor is from here in Provo, and one of the Executive Secretaries in his ward gives really close seats for devotional to missionaries from his ward, so we got to sit in the 2nd row. Sure enough, Elder Scott came! Everyone stood up, and the first thing I noticed is he's really short!! They all seem really tall, but I guess not. He gave a really good talk on prayer, and during the opening song, he looked right at me and smiled for a few seconds, which was awesome.

We did an English fast yesterday and only spoke Bulgarian, which went really well! It was easy to get frustrated with ourselves, but all in all it helped all of us a lot with speaking the language. Apparently, we are getting two new Macedonian missionaries next week, so I won't be the only one anymore!

It's weird to be past half-way at the MTC. Time doesn't really make sense here. Some days it feels like I've lived here all my life, and some days it's feels like it’s only been a few days. I'm still enjoying my time here a lot, and I hope everything is good with all of you!

Elder Rigby

Me, my Macedonian pride, and our entire zone of missionaries in front of the Provo Temple. We all found out later were not allowed to bring flags to the temple.  Whoops!