September 11, 2014

I'm so close to the half-way mark in the MTC! We just started our 5th week. Some days it feels like I've been here for just a few days, and some days feel like I've lived here all my life. Time definitely is going by crazy fast, and I only have another month to get the language down!

Elder Raisor got his tonsils out a few weeks before entering the MTC, and he had to go to a follow up appointment on Monday, which means we got to leave the MTC! We took a shuttle to the office, and when we walked in, Frozen was playing, which was a blast to the past. It was just strange to be around people that weren't Mormon while wearing the missionary name tag! People were either really nice to us, or avoided us like the plague.

I got called to be our district leader in our huge district of 5! Elder Hardy was the DL before, and he did a really great job of it, so it puts a little pressure on me. So far it's been pretty easy.

The Bulgarian is still coming along well. Our teachers are all really great, and the old Bulgarians left, so we always have two teachers at a time, which helps a lot!

I've been trying to write down a lot of stuff in my journal. All the devotionals have been amazing here, and they will be something I'm really going to miss once I get out in the field. The rumor here is we’re getting one of the 12 Apostles coming this Tuesday to speak to us.

I've made a goal to only think virtuous thoughts, which has been really helping to always be happy and being able to feel the Spirit. The MTC is a great place that I have come to love.

Elder Rigby

Thinking virtuous thoughts !

Harry Potter day. We discovered that a lot of Bulgarian words sound like Harry Potter spells, so after a few weeks of casting, Elder Taylor and Hardy wanted to celebrate it. I got stuck with being Hufflepuffs since I wasn't there when they planned it.