May 30, 2016

So the highlight for sure of this week was going to a basketball game with one of our investigators, Tane! Tane used to play for MZТ Skopje, the local basketball team in Aerodrom. He's a 6'7" giant, and is one of the best, most warm hearted people I've met here. It was a big game against Kumanovo and he got us some tickets! It has been way too long, it felt so good to be in that Arena. MЗТ ended up winning, so we left happy. We also did a lot more sports this week, playing basketball and tennis with some investigators, and playing soccer as a branch. We've tried Frisbee, volleyball and basketball with the branch, but they LOVE their soccer.

Milan, one of our new investigators from last week, wasn't answering our texts and calls, so we figured he dropped us like a lot of people do. We gave him another try on Saturday, and he answered! We met up with him that night, and he had a huge gash on his forehead, and also was experiencing a lot of intestinal pains, and he said that's why he hasn't been able to meet. At the beginning of the lesson, he just seemed totally deflated, and kept saying "I can't keep enduring all this." His family left him not too long ago. We let him vent for a while and then really just tried to encourage him and get his spirits up, testifying of the truths that we know. By the end of the lesson, he was all smiles, and he kept saying "I'm strong! I'm going to endure!" It was really cool to be able to see such an immediate change in somebody. There's nothing better than serving people, remember that!
Elder Rigby