May 2, 2016

Easter this week! In the Orthodox religion, one of the biggest points of doctrine seems to be which calendar you go off of. They think that the whole rest of the world is totally pagan because they celebrate Easter at a different time with them. We were talking to our favorite bakery lady, and she just laughed at us when we told her that we celebrate Easter with the Orthodox here, but with the Catholics in America. It doesn't make any sense to the people here. She also told us that we are of the devil because we don't worship Богородица Марија (Mother Mary).

Some of the big traditions they have are coloring eggs, except they make all of them RED and having loud prayers going off until 2 in the morning. The sisters and Sister Waterman set up a church party for it, which was a lot of fun. Both our landlord and a different couple invited us over to their houses to celebrate with them, but with both of them, we couldn't get it to work out to go to both places! I was wayyyy bummed.

There were Americans everywhere this week! We had a whole lot of American visitors in church. A lot of students and a random American family that's living in Poland! And then when we were contacting in Aerodrom, we walked by a park, and there was a group of people playing baseball! That was the first time I've seen baseball in like 2 years! They were from a Christian group also, and they invited us to play, it we declined. It was quite the surprise though!

Other event of the week: Zone Conference, the new Macedonian sisters should be going into the MTC this week, and a new elder got called and should be here in November I believe. Elder Bischoff's investigator Nikola is doing really well and should be getting baptized in a few weeks from now! Huge miracles.
Love you all! Elder Rigby