April 25, 2016

We had a way busy week this week and not a lot of time for our area. 

We started the week off on Tuesday with District Meeting like always, then we headed off to the Davis' apartment to help them move their 18 SUITCASES. 18. They fed us some delicious sweet and sour pork and then we started with making sure all the bags were good with weight. Then we hauled them all down 3 flights of stairs. Unfortunately, they will be leaving for good this time. 
That night, we headed over to Gjakova for exchanges! We got up real early and played soccer and then just had a lot of time for finding, and we got quite a few phone numbers! And by we, I mean Elder Riepel, my comp for the day, because I don't speak too much Albanian. We also traveled out to Peja again to try to get a satellite church going on over there. Since Peja got closed, there's a few less actives that don't really have any way to get to church. Albert, their investigator, would host it in his home, and they would just have a small sacrament meeting. Albert wasn't there that day, but we got word they visited him later and he agreed to it! We drove to Prishtina after that, and then back Skopje.
The 1st Skopjan Institute Class. In Skopje, we pulled up to the church just in time to catch people talking after institute. The Stake President in Albania drove over to Prishtina, picked all the young members up there, and brought them over to Skopje so we could host a class! There ended up being a really good showing, and everyone really seemed to connect quickly. Luckily also, everyone there knew very good English, so it all was just in English.

We also helped with Elder Dibble moving apartments. It was weird because I remember moving into that apartment when I just got back from being in Albania for a month. The landlady has been causing some problems, so our lawyers asked us if we could get rid of it. Luckily, there's an open apartment right now, we've got an easy fix for that.

The investigator we've been meeting up with the most now is Dejon. He's a very trusting guy with hard life, so we've just been doing a lot of listening right now, because we feel like that's what he really needs.
Elder Rigby