April 18, 2016

Conference Week. We showed conference this week! It worked a lot better this time than the last, where we had a small lunch in between sessions, took out the singing, and shortened the time between sessions. A really good treat for all the members is that both Elder Hallstrom and President Johnson spoke, who visited here in February or March. I really enjoyed Holland's talk this conference, about how important faith is. We just need to show the faith, and God will always be there to support us! One disappointment though is a few months back, a member of the translation committee promised us that this session would be translated into Macedonian, but we have yet to see anything.

There's been some protests again, just about the same time as last year! They don't seem to be nearly as serious as last year's though.

I went on exchanges with Elder Bowen, our new Russian missionary who is a little fireball. He was an orphan and got adopted by an American LDS family when he was 15. We did a language study together, and as various Macedonian words came up, he would know most of them! He's got such a head start! The grammar however, is radically different, so he can't really talk too much yet. We ended up spending the day with Elder Chingas and Dibble, our companions, anyways because we're not supposed to work in center with the protests going on.

So for a food note, the hamburgers always come with fries in them! There's a restaurant called Sedmica (Seven) close to our apartment, and they've got the best burgers in the city! The beef that's used in burgers is way weird, so I always go for the chicken. They give you a tiny plastic fork, and you eat away at the fries until you can finally fit a bit of the burger in your mouth. They also smother them in ketchup and mayonnaise.

There's a ton of little basketball courts between apartment buildings, so we joined in on one the other day! From what I've seen, Macedonians aren't too good at basketball. Elder Chingas is pretty dang good, and we were on the same team for some 3-on-3, and we won pretty handily. They also had quite the colorful language, testing our knowledge of Macedonian slang. It was really fun though! We've also been playing every week with a member, an investigator, and all the missionaries coming.
That's it for this week! Love you all
Elder Rigby