June 6, 2016

I can't believe its June already. 2016 is FLYING BY. 

We had yet another MLC (mission leadership conference) this week, and it'll be my last for sure! I'm not going to lie, the most exciting thing about the trip was that we visited the new KFC in Tirana. So expensive, but so worth it.

The mission has been a bit slower in baptisms this year. Last year, we got 180 as a mission, and this year so far we're only at about 40. So we've got some ground to cover! But President said our zone has been doing the best it's ever done in the past; even when there were more companionships. MLC was mostly about working with the ward. We don't have anything but tiny branches in our zone, so we decided with the sister training leaders that we would just focus on developing Christlike attributes, so we had good discussions on that for zone training. I'm so thankful for Jesus' example and how we all have the ability to follow it. I'm kinda sad that it's my last one, but it's also a nice relief.

Sunday, we had a special European Area Broadcast from Salt Lake. Bishop Causse, President Kearon, Sister Oscarson, Elder Christofferson and others spoke at it. It was a good treat for all of us. After church and a bit of missionary work, we had our normal missionary dinner at the Pulleys. They are such awesome people. They've got a lot of patience with all of us young missionaries!

I got my travel plans this week! I'm going from Tirana to Vienna to Frankfurt to Houston to Tucson. It's super weird having them. My replacement, Elder Wright, will be getting here in August and Elder Chingas' replacement, Elder Parker, will be here in November. I think it's pretty funny that since we're so small here, we just straight up get replaced person for person.
Elder Rigby