June 20, 2016

It was a good week! We had a good lesson with Martin, but he's hard to get a hold of since he doesn't have a phone. Whenever we ask him a question like "Will you come to church?" He says "You will come to church" meaning that he will come. He's a funny guy. He's got some of the most natural understanding of the gospel though, so he's progressing pretty well! But he didn't come to church this week, so we're out of contact with him for the moment.

My last Kosovo Exchanges! Exchanges were sweet. In Gjakova, I got to talk a lot of Serbian with people, and I was really happy with how much I could understand! Macedonian isn't as useless as I thought :) We had some good spirit filled lessons there and in Prishtina, and in Prishtina, it was one of the Elder's birthdays, so we celebrated with some juice pong. I was with Elder Samuel in Prishtina, who's British, and the England Wales Euro Cup game was playing on a massive screen on the boulevard, and we walked by right at the end to see England score in the last minute for the win. Elder Samuel was stoked. 

For PDay today, we got a two in one! First we went to the Aqueducts here in Skopje, they were pretty cool. After that, we went with Elder Bowen and Dibble to a Go-Karting place near the Boris Trajkovski sports arena. I was a little turned off by it because it was about $50 an hour, but we did 10 minutes of it, and it was SO SICK. You could fly in those things! There were pieces of tire flying off the whole time apparently, because it was stuck to my arms and legs. Those karts were so flipping fast.