July 4, 2016

HAPPY AMERICA DAY!! Don't worry guys, after this one, only 3 more emails will be going your way from me!

The assistants called us Monday night, telling us that we would be heading to Kumanovo to check out the city! So we headed over there on Thursday. I've been there a few times, but this time was by far the most successful. Everyone was very open to talk, and I'd bet 99% had never seen missionaries before! We were scouting for a place for church along the way, and we found a guy who I'd bet owns about half the city. He kept showing us place after place. But in the end, we found out from President Weidmann that now is not the time for Kumanovo. 

The Watermans had us over for an early 4th of July party! It was a lot of fun. It also happened to be Canada day, so we got to make a lot of jokes at the only Canadian and only non-American there, Sister Dow. 

This week was also transfer week! I'll be following the same path that my trainer, Elder Prince, had, and I'll end my mission by being with my trainee, Elder Dibble, for one month. Elder Dibble is a serious stud, so I'm way psyched for it!

One fun fact about my mission: the first 13 months of my mission, I had 13 companions; the last 11, only two, Elder Chingas and Dibble. 
Elder Rigby