July 11, 2016

Ending with the Beginning! Going back to the center area of Skopje, I've returned to the exact same area where I started my mission. But it's not like there's a lot of other choices! I get to work with Bojan and Frosina again though, but this time as recent converts! Well, at least with Frosina. Bojan went off to England a couple weeks ago to go work without even saying goodbye to anyone! So unfortunately I probably won't be seeing him again. Frosina was telling us how she's still deciding whether she will go too. She told us she would have to pay 900 Denars (~$18) for her flight to London, and then the bus ride would be 1200 Denars (~$24) to the city where Bojan is at. But she was also telling us that Bojan found the church in England, so all is good!

There's a couple in our branch from Russia called the Relkovas. They've got really strong testimonies, and they're great members, but they've always been hindered a little bit because of their limited Macedonian. But with Elder Bowen here, and our mostly English speaking branch, Sister Relkova gave a talk in Russian, with Elder Bowen translating to English, and some missionaries translating for those non English speakers in the seats.. I could pick up bits and pieces of the Russian. It's like the equivalent of regular English and the hardcore Pidgin English they've got in Africa! She gave a way good talk though about the Restoration. Such a cool couple. 

On Saturday night, the sisters came back from Tirana with some new sisters, so we're back to 10 missionaries in Skopje now. They seem like they're ready to help though, so that's good. 
Elder Rigby