March 28, 2016

The baptism for Bojan and Frosina (it turns out we had her name wrong this whole time...that was all my bad) went great!! Elder Dibble and Halverson did the baptizing, and it all turned out great. They gave very strong testimonies afterwards. Prosina had been very nervous for baptism, and she bore a strong testimony about how baptism is the beginning of the path. Bojan talked about how he's really had to follow the spirit. Bojan didn't want to get baptized for a long time, but he said that after he tried to focus on the spirit more, it really made the difference for him. The next day, I had the privilege to confirm them both into the church, and to give them the Holy Ghost. That was the first Macedonian family to be baptized in Macedonia! It was a long 7 month journey, but it was well worth it. They are such good people.

On Monday we had a St. Patrick's Day party. The people here don't really know who that is, but it was mainly thrown for the Nelsons, since it was their last day in Macedonia. There was a really good showing, with some really good food!

With it being transfer week, Sister Hassell will finish her mission, and Elder Cani is leaving to go to Tirana. An elder from Russia will be coming to take his place, and he'll be with Elder Dibble. Elder Bischoff and Elder halverson will be together, and Elder Chingas and I will stay together as the zone leaders, which will make 8 months total of us being together, in 4 different transfers.
Hope you all enjoyed your Easter! We went to the Watermans for it, and they have a trampoline!! It felt so good to jump on one again. The orthodox Easter is May 1st, so we'll be getting to celebrate again.
Elder Rigby