March 1, 2016

The Nelsons are gone! They took off on their month cruise, but they'll be returning in late March for a day. Still no word on when the Pulleys will be arriving.

Apparently there are some pretty big protests going on in Prishtina right now. Last week the missionaries had to get moved out to Gjakova for a few days, and this week they almost got moved to Tirana for a few weeks. It's been nice and peaceful here in Skopje. Elections will be coming up in April I think, so we'll get our fair share then.

We had a lesson with Prend this week. After we left when he had all the missionaries over last week, his family was asking questions about the church. Prend said he told them out of all the good things to come from America (his family is from Kosovo, who loves America), the best thing is this church. I love Prend, he's such a good guy.

Our English course ended. We've been teaching the advanced class, so we've just been printing off pretty difficult grammar worksheets. On one that Elder Chingas and I did together, we got a 13% on it. This last class, we watched a lot of Meet the Mormons, which they absolutely loved.

We got a microphone and earpieces we're using as a translator for all of our non-Macedonian speakers we have at church! The Davis' had us over for dinner, and they made us really tasty lasagna. Ah man, it was so good.

Something funny that's happening today is that Sister Dow will be having a dinner with her dad today. He came to Macedonia on a business trip, and President Weidmann cleared it. 

The APs came down this week for exchanges. They parked their car and found us in Aerodrom, impressively enough. Then, when we went to go park their car closer to our house, we found a boot on it. They didn't know it was paid parking. Literally a few seconds later, a spider that takes the cars pulled up. They still made us pay the fees though. I was calling them out for ripping us off, and then the guy kept saying "Ne se sekiraj!" over and over and over again, which means "don't worry". That just made me really angry. But in any case, 50 Euros later, we got the car and had a good exchange.

Love you all, Elder Rigby