November 23, 2016

I'll start this email again talking about Bojan and Prosina. We had waited for a bit over a month to bring up baptism with them again, since they've rejected it so many times, despite believing the church has been restored through Joseph Smith. We were having an awesome lesson, the spirit was there strong, and Elder Dibble asked them perfectly to be baptized at just the right time. Bojan answered with a hard no again. We then pulled open Doctrine and Covenants 22, which apparently had a big effect on him, because he then agreed to baptism, saying the whole family needs to be baptized. We were really excited about that, and when we came back the next time to set the date, he had changed his mind again and doesn't want to get baptized anymore, because he got baptized 5 months ago, and he feels like you can't get baptized into a church, but you just get baptized once, and then you can find out which church is true. It's a pretty legitimate concern, so we'll keep working with them on it. They're such great people though, I'm so amazed by their humility each time I go over there!We went out to Kumanovo this week, originally to go visit Sasho since he lives there, but then we ended up scheduling 3 lessons out there. It also turned out Sasho would be in Skopje that day. So we took the trip out there, but none of the people showed up. A bit disappointing, but what do you do.

The flu strikes again! Apparently the flu has been going around Skopje, and I caught it, so we spent Saturday and Sunday inside, because the last time I got sick, I got 2 other missionaries and 2 investigators sick. In other news, I also got significantly better at Sudoku, but I'm definitely ready to start working again after being inside that long.

I baked my first cake this week! It was a kind of cheesecake, but it was basically the first thing I've ever cooked in the oven before, besides chicken nuggets, so I was pretty proud of myself.

Enjoy Thanksgiving y'all! Be sure you show your thankfulness, especially for those nearest to you!
Elder Rigby