July 27, 2015

So our mission president kinda forgot that I had to go back to Skopje, so after not getting any call about any transfer on the normal call day, and figuring that I would be staying here a bit longer since president called saying that he's doing interviews on Tuesday in Durres. Then we got a call Sunday saying that I was going back to Skopje the next day! Not a whole lot of heads up, but it's all good. I said goodbye to Durres, which has been an awesome city, and went with the APs back to good ol' Macedonia with Sister Hassell and her companion. At least I won't have to worry about getting any sudden transfers to another city for about the whole next year.

We got a really cool new investigator whom I was sad to lose in Durres. He came to English course, and said that I gave him the flyer, and he's super excited about the gospel. He's 18, but he's spent a lot of his life looking for God's church and he's felt something unlike anything else whenever he prays and reads from the Book of Mormon. He practically was begging at the beginning and end of each lesson to say the prayer.

I don't have my journal to look at for other things that happened, and I don't have a whole lot of time left since we drove for 6 hours today. I'll be with my old trainer, Elder Prince again until he goes home in a month! Then apparently, there's 5 Macedonians in the MTC right now, which means every one of us is going to be training, even Elder Lesi. Love you all!  Goodbye Durres!
Elder Rigby