February 2, 2015

Elder Prince had his surgery this week for his infected tooth. The guy was supposed to be the best in Macedonia, which isn't saying much. He gave Elder Prince anesthetic and then ripped the tooth out a couple minutes later. Now he's has got to wait 3 months before they will do the tooth graft, and it's just wide open. I do not envy that guy right now.

Elder Barber and Sister Schofield are both leaving in a few weeks. It's crazy, the 6 missionaries when we got here had been together for almost a year straight, and it's finally coming to an end. They're gonna be missed!

We bought a table that we were going to use for Christmas to display all of our missionary goodies, but we never got around to it. We decided to use this week, and it worked out really well! A ton of people stopped and wanted to know, which is a lot better than the usual avoiding you like you got the plague. It's technically illegal, but the city patrol just had us move to another place when they found us, and then they were fine with it. 
 My apartment building is just north of the dot, we have the first floor apartment, Elder Snowman.

We had our zone conference this week. It was going to be in Tirana, which is 6 hours away because in Prishtina there were riots and they evacuated the missionaries, but thankful they decided to have it in another city in Kosovo. It was great to feel the Spirit that strongly in that meeting, and it rejuvenated me. At the end, we got to watch Meet the Mormons, which was the funniest thing ever because of our lack of entertainment. On the way back on the bus, there was this black guy that got on, who we got to talk to. He's a has a contract on the Kosovo US Army base, and he was such a funny guy. It was good to talk to an American, and you could tell he liked talking to us. Hopefully we'll get to see him a lot more!

We got back on Saturday and we saw we had some missed calls from an unknown number. I called the number, and it was a random guy named Tommy who wanted to learn more. I asked him how he found out about us, and he replied something back I couldn't understand, so I just invited him to church the next day. He came, and he said Elder Barber talked to his friend and the friend gave him our number. Tommy seemed pretty cool and open, so we'll see if he goes anywhere!
Elder Rigby
In a grocery store at the mall (the girl looks like Avery)
and my Elder Rigby cooking surprise!