February 16, 2015

I've officially been a missionary for 6 months now. The tie has been burned and everything!

There's an American Army base called Bonsteel in Kosovo because of all the problems they have with Serbia. There are a few members on the base, so they let missionaries on base to teach a lesson there through the senior missionaries in Kosovo, the Tooley's. It was our turn to go this week, and Elder Chingas, Krajnc, Gierisch, and I headed up there and met the Tooley's. A soldier named Major Jensen was our escort and he brought us in. It felt like I was in a movie, with all the short spaced out buildings covered in snow. We entered the chow hall, which had so much good, American food! Then we went into a side room with the 3 soldiers that showed up, and we had our institute lesson there. Afterwards, the best part, we got to go the store on base with AMERICAN products. The Macedonian peanut butter was not doing it for me :)

For exercise, we go running pretty frequently, but when we don't, we jump rope, and do push ups and sit ups. I have been getting in some good language study by reading the Bible in Macedonian.

Our investigator Phillip had been talking about how he and his girlfriend want to go to America, so Elder Prince and I have been less excited to meet with him. He dropped the question this week, and asked one of us to marry his girlfriend so that she could get there (then after a green card, she would divorce and marry Phillip to get him over). We told him we couldn't, which he didn't accept very well. We probably won't see him again for some time.

Sister Schofield and Elder Barber are heading out this week. Her parents arrived in Macedonia on Saturday, which was awesome to see! They are great people. I'm going to miss those two missionaries. They are both some of the best people I've ever met.

Elder Gierisch will be joining our companionship until the new Elder arrives. That'll shake things up a little bit being in a trio! Elder Lessi is an Albanian, knows little English, and is currently waiting for his Visa to clear.

Elder Rigby