January 19, 2015

I don't know what it is, but warmed up here a ton in the past week (4degC, 40degF). It's been beautiful :')

This week hasn't been the best for us working wise. Most of our investigators have dropped us, and we're running out of numbers in the area book, so we're pretty close to ground 0. We've just got to keep working at it! The warmer weather has definitely opened more people up.

Sister Barch has arrived. She came down with the sister training leaders, so with the 4 sisters here and the 2 of them, there were 6 in the sisters' apartment that night! I'm sure it was a lot of fun for them. Sister Barch seems like a great missionary so far, so she will be a great help here.

Elder Prince and I were in charge of family night, and we wanted to make it more interesting, so instead of a normal lesson, we made a play out of it using the account of prophet Abinadi and wicked King Noah from the Book of Mormon. It worked out pretty well, but in the end two investigators got in a big argument, hurling some big Macedonia words at each other. 

Prend, our newest member, spoke in church this Sunday and invited his whole family. We had 47 in Sacrament, which destroyed our old record because of all his family who attended. It was a miracle to see. These members inspire me.

It's hard out here, but I've still been enjoying myself a lot! We continue to see small miracles everyday, and how much the hand of God is in this work. He his gracious to every one of his children, and has shown that through his son, Jesus Christ. No matter what I do here, I will never be able to repay him, but I'm going to try my best to.

Elder Rigby
(left) The Asan family, our only family. GREAT people!    (right) typical packaging