November 24, 2014

Hey all! Seriously, every week I've been in the field has been crazy.
We were doing a chapel tour, where we show the different rooms of the church to help them feel the spirit of it, and right after we got a call from the other Elders in Payson, Elder Messegee and Elder Woodard. Elder Stoker answered, and just kept going "NO WAY. OH MY GOODNESS." He wouldn't divulge anything, until he hung up. After anxiously waiting, he said Elder Woodard, a week-old missionary, was going home for health reasons, and that I would be emergency-transferred to take his place. So that night I packed my stuff up, went to the Assistants house where Elder Messegee was, and became companions with him! Crazy 24 hours. Then that night, we went on exchanges, and I went with Elder Tucker, back in my old area. It was sad to say goodbye to so many people I had gotten so close with.
We had a baptism on Saturday! David got baptized, and we got to go back and see it. It felt so good, and I got to be a witness for it. David was one prepared guy. He and his wife have held fast to their goal to get sealed in the temple. His wife gave one of the talks, and she started crying thanking us for all the time we spent with them and all the joy we've brought to their lives, which made me feel pretty dang good.
In the new area, one of my first lessons was with a pretty crazy-looking guy with very rugged and dirty clothes named Steele. He works at a place called the dream mine. I had no idea what the heck that was until Elder Messegee explained it after. Apparently, the story is an embarrassment to Payson, where a Bishop had a dream that there was a mountain nearby with gold, and he thought it was revelation from God, so he called upon his whole ward to help him and used tithing money to pay to mine it. They were all excommunicated. Some people still believe that there is gold buried there, and Brother Steele believes that the gold plates and the ark of the covenant are there. He also told us how he talks to Alma the Younger regularly, and invited us to come meet up with him some time to do so, which we respectfully declined.
I don't think I'll get a P-day this next week since I'll be flying around, so it might be a couple weeks til I write again. 8 days to Macedonia, I'm crazy excited!! It's so close. I'm stressing a little because it's my last American Pday and I don't want to forget anything I might need when I'm gone, but it'll all turn out well!
Elder Rigby

Top picture: Elders Stoker, Tucker, me, and Messegee, my new comp!
Lower picture: David, he is awesome! My first baptism