August 14, 2014

First Missionary Email

Mission Log --------- DAY 2

Hey guys! I've officially been on my mission for about 30 hours! Its been a really great experience so far, but they definitely have been keeping us busy. I arrived 2 hours late (we had a flat tire driving up), and I missed my assigned companion. My temp was a missionary to Estonia, and he told me he already had to bear his testimony the next day in Estonian, which  is crazy.

Later I managed to find my real companion, and apparently, I am already famous as the missionary going to Macedonia. He's a great guy that I enjoy being with, although he kinda reminds me of Catherine. I guess that helps since I've lived with her all my life.

I got settled in, well i suppose. I've had about 10 minutes to unpack so far because we're not supposed to go back to residence, but I'm sure I'll finish by the time I get out of here.

They only give us 5 minutes so I've got to go....

Elder Rigby