August 21, 2014

The MTC rocks!!!
Man, I don't even know where to start. I hope I got all your emails right, i jotted a lot of them down from my phone right before i entered the MTC since it conveniently had them all from Facebook.
i found out I'm going to be here for 9 weeks. My expected departure date is Oct 14, which is sooooo far away! But I'm having some visa troubles, so i'll be lucky if I go straight to Macedonia then.
They are keeping us really busy here. I have class for about 9 hours, 4 days a week; 3 hours on P day (Thursday), and 6 hours on Saturday. It’s a lot to take in. All of our teachers are really nice and care about us getting Bulgarian down. We also have to teach an "investigator" named Tsvetan every day in the language. The first few lessons have been pretty rough. A lot of it is just playing gestures with him. Like in the lesson yesterday, we were talking about baptism and I wanted to say that it was a big step, so I stood up and started lunging around the room until he said "something Stepski?" to which I excitedly said yes.

Each day keeps getting better and better though as I'm am getting more comfortable here. I take back when I said he reminds me of my sister Catherine, who is a diligent hard-worker. I've gotten to know him a lot better and I can definitely say he is a one-of-a-kind guy. At first, we never really saw eye to eye. Companionship study was the worst part of the day because he never did anything during personal study and expected me to carry the entire companion study. But then all of my district (there's five people - me, Elder Raisor, Hardy, Taylor and Sister Thatcher) left me to go to the Bulgarian Consulate, and since that break from him we've gotten along a lot better, which is something I've really been praying for.
i'm out of time again, it goes by so fast here! I hope all is well for you guys, and I'll be sure to write more next week. i'm having some trouble uploading my pictures so I'll try again next week.

My MTC address is:

Elder Richard Hill Rigby
2007 N 900 E Unit  64
Provo UT 84602
Please feel free to send me some good old fashioned letters or packages