February 1, 2016

We embarked to Albania to go to Mission Conference on Monday afternoon. We were a little bummed; we had to give up a part of P day. But it was so worth it. That was easily my favorite conference/meeting/training I've had on my mission so far. We were pleasured with President Kearon, President of the European Mission. As zone leaders and sister training leaders, we waited in a separate room and got to have a small training by him when he arrived in the building with Pres and Sister Weidmann. Honestly, if I had two words to describe him, it would be relaxed and entertaining. He just told us that we shouldn't worry as much, just work harder. When we went back to the big conference room, he shared the same message. The main thing I got from the meeting is how important listening to the people here is. I haven't been too good at that, partly because of the Macedonian people's love of talking your ear off.

Mission Leadership Conference was also fantastic as usual, and President Kearon was there as well. We present and talk about each zone in each one, about 5 minutes per zone. When we were talking about our zone, something that really impressed me was that Pres Kearon knew the number in sacrament for Skopje off the top of his head. That guy is such a smart person. And I gotta say, it was pretty cool being able to present numbers for two countries in front of the president of Europe.

We were driving back with the sister training leaders, and we realized we needed to call President about something. We decided to wait until we got to Kosovo, so that we weren't roaming. We used the STL's phone, and after the number rang a couple times, an old man answered, and no matter what I said, he just replied "Ku" (Where in Albanian). It was super weird, so then I hung up and tried again. President Weidmann answered, but then it cut off before he could finish saying hello. I tried a third time, and it was the same Ku guy that answered! Literally no matter what I said to him in my super broken Albanian, he replied "Kuuuuuuu". It gave us all a pretty good laugh.

Well, I've got less than 6 months left of my mission now. With how fast these last 6 months have gone, I feel like I'm really going to be home before I know it. TIME IS FLYING. I'm excited yet not excited for it at the same time. 
Elder Rigby