August 10, 2015

Elder Lesi and I went on an exchange this week, and most of it was contacting as usual. There's definitely a lot of cultural difference since he's from this side of the world, but he's a really cool guy! He got baptized about 4 years ago, and really turned his life around, wanting to serve God, and that's why he's on his mission. We had been contacting for a while, and an older lady started watching us from a nearby bench. She got up after watching for 15 minutes, walked by us, so we stopped her. She started speaking English to us, talking about how she's atheist. Her husband died of cancer, despite prayers from her, and she figured God doesn't exist. Elder Lesi and I testified hard to her, that even though we go through hard times, God still is there and he loves us, and He's there for every step of the way. By the end, she was close to tears, believed in God again and agreed to read the Book of Mormon that night, all the way through! It's awesome to see the Gospel touch peoples’ lives.

I don't have a lot of time. I gave a talk this week about growing through trials, even though I just gave one not too long ago...We had zone conference this week about personalizing contacting to the people, and we've seen more success since then!

I got a new haircut… next time I will have to better explain what I want. For P-day we went to the nearby Matka canyon and lake that was beautiful.

Love y'all! Elder Rigby