May 25, 2015

This one's gonna be short, I don't have a ton of time today because we went to Lake Ochrid! I also don't have any pictures, because I lost my bag this week, which had my camera in it, but I should have some next week...

We ran into a Japanese man this week. He was in his pack of tourists, and he came up to us in the middle of a lesson, looking determined and asked "Are you Latter-Day Saints?" in fairly broken English. We said yes, and he said he was a member! That was one of the few members I've seen not from around here, so it was way awesome! Shortly after the lesson, a man who had said hi to us a couple times that day stopped us and introduced himself as a member from Italy. He was doing some business in Macedonia, and he kept wanting to talk to us, but he saw we were with a guy and didn't want to stop us. We talked to him for a while, went our separate ways, and then ran into him 2 more times. 

The last time, he told us he remembered a story of when he was the Ward Mission Leader, and he wanted to play a joke on a brand new missionary. He got his wife a sister missionary tag, and then they started the correlation meeting with all the missionaries in the ward there, and his wife pretending to be a missionary. Within the first 5 minutes, he completely stopped what he was saying, and stared at the "sister missionary" and said "You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen" and ran up to her and planted a nice, long wet one on her! She seemed perfectly fine with it, and all the other missionaries were in on the joke besides the new one. He said the new guy sat there horrified, not understanding why nobody else saw a problem with that. That story gave me and Elder Gierisch a pretty good laugh.

In other news, we'll be getting a new sister missionary, so we'll have 2 sister companionships by September. 
Elder Rigby